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The strawberry supermoon lights up the sky this Tuesday: what is it and how to see it?


This year’s will also be the lowest full moon of the year.

Astronomy fans will be able to enjoy this Tuesday the full supermoon known as ‘ strawberry moon’. To see it, it will be necessary to look southeast after sunset, when the moon rises above the horizon.

The full moon began to appear in front of the sun in terrestrial longitude at 11:51 GMT on June 14. In most time zones on Earth it will be visible from this Tuesday, although in the Pacific, in the area between the New Zealand island of Chatham and the east of the international date line, it will appear at dawn on Wednesday, informs NASA.

This year’s strawberry supermoon will be also the lowest full moon of the year, since it will rise only 23.3 degrees above the horizon in the early hours of this Wednesday, at 05:56 GMT, indicates the space agency.

What is the supermoon strawberry?

Supermoons are normally defined as any full moon located at a distance of at least 90% of perigee, which is the point when the Moon is closest to Earth. The full moon this June is 357,658 kilometers from our planet when it rises at dusk, informs the portal

These types of moons are up to 30% brighter than a normal full moon and 17% larger, but from Earth they look not very different from a regular full moon.

For its part, the strawberry full moon owes its name to the tradition of various Native American cultures, who call it that because the phenomenon takes place during the short period of time when strawberries are ripe for harvest.

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