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The Secretary of Finance of Argentina resigns shortly after the Minister of Economy presented his resignation


Raúl Enrique Rigo had been in office since December 10, 2019.

The Secretary of the Treasury of Argentina, Raúl Enrique Rigo, presented his resignation to President Alberto Fernández on July 2 without providing details on the reason for his decision.

“I I address to you, for the purpose of presenting my resignation to the position of Secretary of the Treasury of the Nation , in which I performance since December 10, 2019 since the beginning of his management. Without another particular, I greet you sincerely”, read the message.

Other ministerial resignations

Rigo’s announcement came shortly after the Minister of Economy of the country, Martín Guzmán , will also express to the Argentine president his desire to leave office. Guzmán “profoundly” thanked the president for trusting him and his team in “more than 30 months of work”, which he assured were marked “by an absolutely unique setting.”

Lately the official was criticized both for the opposition as well as by Kirchnerism itself due to the increase in inflation and the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

In June, the then Minister of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas, resigned after allegedly a message was leaked from his surroundings questioning officials related to with the vice president regarding the tender for pipes for a new gas pipeline.

An emergency meeting

For his part, Fernández summoned the members of his cabinet to an emergency meeting at the presidential residence in Olivos to address the resignation and think about possible replacements for Guzmán, whose resignation occurred at the same time as the vice president, Cristina Fernández, held an act in the town of Ensenada and criticized the policies of the current Administration.

According to government sources cited by La Nación, the meeting will be attended by the Secretary General of the Presidency, Julio Vitobello, the Chancellor ller Santiago Cafiero and spokeswoman Gabriela Cerrutti.


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