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The reason why the second richest man in the world sells his private jet


Tracking the flights of the businessman’s private ‘jet’ gave competitors an advantage, since knowing the location of the owner of the LVHM corporation, they received “ideas” and “clues”.

The French tycoon Bernard Arnault, the second richest person in the world, announced this Monday on the radio French Classique that sold its jet private after Twitter users began tracking their flights online, reports Bloomberg.

Arnault, co-founder of the LVHM corporation, based in Paris and dedicated to the sale of popular luxury brands, decided to sell his private ‘jet’, which belonged to your company, to preserve your security and hide your location from competitors. From now on, the employer will travel by renting planes.

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Several accounts on Twitter tracked the flights of Arnault, criticizing him for the frequent use of the plane and, as a result, the enormous emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. An account called Bernard’s Airplane (Bernard’s plane) wrote that “Bernard’s ‘jet’ has ended”. for his use of the private plane. Twitter accounts routinely tracked his flights, and critics used the information to point out how much pollution they caused. Thus, the businessman became the object of criticism on social networks, which even provoked reactions among some French politicians who proposed to introduce a ban or tax on private jets.

Antoine Arnault, Bernard’s son, appeared on a French TV show last week and tried to defend the use of the private ‘jet’ by his father. Antoine explained that a plane is “a work tool”, since it gives the opportunity to travel from one place to another as quickly as possible. The industry to which LVHM belongs “is hyper-competitive”, which forces its co-founder to use the ‘jets’, and therefore “it is not very good that competitors can know where it isat any time”. As he pointed out, this “can give ideas and also clues” to his competitors.

Currently, Bernard Arnault is the second richest man in the world, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, with an estimated fortune of 137.000 millions of dollars, something more than Jeff Bezos, but some 71.02 millions less than that of the oldest man rich man on the planet, Elon Musk.


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