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The reason North Korea isn't responding to US offers of contact, according to US officials


Biden stated that he is open to diplomatic talks with Pyongyang, including sitting down with leader Kim Jong-un if necessary.

The restrictions imposed by North Korea to stop the covid-19 in its territory may have something to do with Pyongyang’s lack of response to offers of diplomatic talks by the US, a senior US administration official reported on Sunday, quoted by Reuters.

The tenant of the White House, Joe Biden, meeting on Saturday with the president of South Korea, Yoon Suk-yeol, during his visit to the Asian country, He promised to step up efforts to deter Pyongyang’s nuclear threats, but also said he is open to talks with the North, including sitting down with Kim Jong-un if necessary, and that he had offered the North Korean leader covid-19 vaccines. but got no answer.

When the source was asked if Biden was willing to take concrete steps to moving forward on the issue of diplomatic contacts, the official stressed that Washington was looking for a serious commitment, not grand gestures. “This is a decision that only North Korea can make,” he added.

The US president is visiting Asia on his first official trip to the continent since he took office. On his agenda, he plans to land in South Korea and Japan, and meet with the leaders of both nations, as well as with the leaders of the member countries of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QUAD), made up of the US, Australia, India and Japan.

Meanwhile, the North Korean leader stated last week that his country is facing a “great shock” due to the coronavirus outbreak. In this context, he ordered the introduction of strict lockdowns throughout the territory to “perfectly block the gap in the spread of the malicious virus.” In addition, he called for increased surveillance along borders, at sea and in the air in order to “avoid a security vacuum in national defense.”


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