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The population of Argentina grew almost 18% since 2010 and reaches 47,327,407 inhabitants, according to provisional data from the 2022 Census


The demographic count operation was carried out on Wednesday throughout the territory.

Argentina has a total of 47,327,407 inhabitants , according to a preliminary report from the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec), in charge of the 2022 Census.

Of this universe, 47.05% of the people are men and 52.83% are women, while 0.12% was not associated with neither of these two sexes.

According to the provisional figure released by the INDEC, the population grew 17.97% since the previous census, of 2010, which computed 40,117,096 inhabitants.

The demographic count operation was carried out this Wednesday, by a team of more than 650,000 people who went house to house to register citizens.

For its realization, the Government declared the May 18 national holiday throughout the country, and provided a digital system so that each person could enter their data on the platform and thus facilitate the task of census takers.

According to the INDEC, the population settled through this system was 23,813,723, equivalent to 50.32% of the universe to be computed.

After the dissemination of the first data, President Alberto Fernández expressed from his Twitter account: “Today, thanks to the efforts of all of us, we have more certainties to work for a better future”.

For For his part, the head of INDEC, Marco Lavagna, reported that preliminary population data by sex, province and department will be presented within 90 days. Meanwhile, the final results, with the entire census processed, will take a year and a half .


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