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The OMS records about 700 cases of acute hepatitis of unknown origin in 34 countries


The disease manifests “rapidly, which means that a high proportion of children suffer from liver failure, and some need a liver transplant,” health authorities warn.

World Health Organization (OMS) reported about 700 cases of “sudden and unexplained hepatitis” detected in young children in 34 countries. The cases, registered on June 7 of this year, present registered infections that have not yet been classified, according to a joint statement from the WHO and the World Hepatitis Alliance (OMS), published on the eve of the World Hepatitis Summit, which will be held between June 7 and 10, both in person, in Geneva, and virtually.

In the months leading up to the meeting, research has been carried out on every patient with the symptoms of this acute hepatitis. The disease manifests “rapidly, which causes a high proportion of children to suffer from liver, and that some need a liver transplant “, warn the health authorities.

Previously, at the World Health Assembly in 2016, countries made a historic commitment to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030. Since that meeting, countries have met the global target for 2020 to reduce the incidence of hepatitis B in children under 5 years, while the number of people receiving treatment for hepatitis C has multiplied by 10, says the document.

“The health of women and children has to be a top priority if we want to achieve the elimination of hepatitis by 2030,” said Helen Clark, former Prime Minister of New Zealand, and president of the Association for the S health of the Mother, the Newborn and the Child. “It is a major public health threat that requires collective efforts to advance universal vaccination of newborns,” added the senior official.


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