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The murder of the Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecci in Colombia would have been negotiated for more than 500,000 dollars


The Colombian Prosecutor reported that during the investigation process they have captured five people who would be involved in the homicide.

The assassination of Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecci on the island of Barú, Colombia, it would have been negotiated for more than 2,000 million Colombian pesos (500,000 dollars), according to intelligence information released this Tuesday by the Colombian attorney general, Francisco Barbosa.

The official explained that during the 22 days of investigations in the Pecci case, the Colombian police managed to capture five people who are allegedly linked to the homicide and who are currently in jail.

Barbosa also indicated that in the investigations detected that “a fundamental issue” for the two Pecci assassins to find their location and finalize the murder, was the review of the publications that the prosecutor together with his wife, Claudia Aguilera, made on social networks while they were enjoying their honeymoon.

“There is a fundamental theme here: posting on social networks without responsibility can become a lethal soul The criminals stated that on many occasions they were lost, but thanks to social networks they managed to prosecutor Pecci’s location,” commented Barbosa.

The Colombian prosecutor explained that within the plan to assassinate In Pecci there was an “articulator” who was in charge of structuring the criminal operation, contacting and meeting with the assassins on May 5 in Medellín, so that they would later travel to Cartagena

“by different means”. These, in turn, had the support of “markers” that allowed them to locate the Paraguayan official within the hotel facilities in Barú.

“The collection of the evidentiary material elements such as videos from security cameras, cell phones and witness statements, allowed us to record the movements of these criminals in real time,” added Barbosa and said that now they are “in search of the determiners or the determiner” of the crime, a phase in which the Paraguayan Prosecutor’s Office will also work.


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