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The murder of a girl found in a suitcase in France would be linked to organ trafficking


Four individuals, from Allergy, remain detained in connection with the crime.

The murder of a school student identified as Lola, from 00 years, which took place on the afternoon of 14 October in the French capital, Paris, could be linked with organ trafficking, reports the newspaper Le Figaro.

The victim’s mother reported his disappearance on Friday after he did not return from his classes at school. However, the minor had entered the building

located at on the Manin Street, according to security recordings obtained by his father, who works as a security guard in the area.

Later, at 23: (local time) a homeless person reported to the Police having found in the same neighborhood an abandoned suitcase in which was the curled up and tied corpse of the minor with a deep wound in the throat.

Sentencian a cadena perpetua a una madre por la muerte de su hija enferma, que dejó sola en casa para ir a un bar

The first indications showed that Lola’s head was almost ripped off, while his body bore inscriptions. The subsequent autopsy carried out on Saturday established that the death was due to suffocation , reports the Parisian newspaper Le Parisien.

In a video posted on Twitter by the journalist Clément Lanot, who revealed the discovery of the body, extended white canvas on a facade and to police officers working on the scene.

🟠 INFO @CLPRESSFRLe corps d’ une adolescent nee en 2010 a été découvert cette nuit dans le 19and arrondissement of Paris. Il était dans une valise.Elle avait disparu hier après midi alors qu’elle rentrait du college.La brigade criminelle est saisie de l’affaire.

— Clément Lanot (@ClementLanot) October 15, 2022

The agents managed to arrest three people near the scene of the crime, while also detaining a woman in the town of Hauts-de-Seine, west of Paris. The arrest of two other individuals was also reported, but as of Sunday only four remained in custody


According to Le Parisien, they are two men and two women, all from Algeria, whose age ranges from 23 a 43 years. All are suspected of “murder” of a minor “ with acts of torture and barbarism“.

Lola in the company of a woman

One of the unknowns surrounding the case is a woman, among 20 Y 30 years old, which appears on security cameras. In the recording it is seen that the woman signals for the girl to enter the building . A neighbor, who would have seen the video with Lola’s father, described what was seen: “Lola did not seem calm at all. We understand that What is happening is not normal.”

The description of this suspect corresponds to that of a woman whom several witnesses claim to have seen that same afternoon, shooting with difficulty a trunk in the street.

A neighbor in the area told the Police that a woman asked him for help carrying a suitcase to a car. According to the Sunday newspaper JDD, the suspect, a North African of about 30 years, promised the man an amount of money related to organ trafficking


However, the resident refused to help after seeing the bloody white clothes in the car. An Uber driver is believed to have provided support to the woman, who subsequently abandoned the suitcase near Lola’s home.

While the investigation continues, Parisians have filled the area in front of the ten-story building where the victim lived with bouquets of flowers. For their part, the education authorities announced that “psychological support” will be provided for schools in that neighborhood starting Monday.


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