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The keeper of a Bengal tiger dies in a zoo in Mexico after being bitten on the arm while caressing the animal


Occurred in the municipality of Peribán, state of Michoacán.

The caretaker of a Bengal tiger died this Tuesday, days after having been bitten on his right arm, when he was feeding the animal in a private zoo in the municipality of Peribán, state of Michoacán, last weekend.

José de Jesús, 23, was injured in both arms and had to be rushed to a hospital, after losing a lot of blood, informs El Universal.

According to the newspaper, the caregiver suffered from diabetes and refused to have his limbs amputated, despite doctors recommendation. Days after the incident, he died in the same Morelia medical center where he was treated.

The moment of the attack was recorded on video and the images were shared on social media . There, it is observed how the man calls the animal, to which he speaks affectionately at all times, apparently with the intention of feeding it.

Seconds later, he tries to grab it, the bite occurs and the voice of a woman is heard who, terrified by the situation, suspends the filming.

CAVEAT: The following images may offend your sensibilities


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