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The journalist and community leader Rafael Moreno Garavito is assassinated in Colombia


The director of Voces de Córdoba had his state protection scheme withdrawn, despite having received death threats.

A Colombian journalist and community leader was murdered last Sunday night in the department of Córdoba, in the north of the country.

Rafael Moreno Garavito was killed by two assassins aboard a motorcycle while he was in a fast food place he owned in the neighborhood 27 de Julio of the Montelíbano municipality, collected by W Radio.

Moreno Garavito was director of the Voces de Córdoba media outlet and community leader of the Puerto Libertador neighborhood, located in the same department , according to Cordoberxia, an NGO for the defense of human rights.

The communicator, notes NP Noticias, had been assigned a security plan by the National Protection Unit because he would have received death threats. However, the measure had been lifted a few months ago, leaving him without escorts.

For his part, the police commander in Córdoba, Jhon Fredy Suárez, reported that the criminal and judicial investigation bodies initiated the investigations.


Among the demonstrations of rejection for the murder of the journalist, there is that of the media outlet he directed, which published on its networks: “They turned off the voice of truth forever.”

Petro instala diálogos regionales en Colombia y pide

The governor of that entity, Orlando Benítez, asked the authorities “ an exhaustive investigation to clarify the fact and identify perpetrators of this crime”.

The Ombudsman’s Office also ruled on this murder, stating that it is monitoring the case and asking the police and judicial bodies to “promptly investigate “.

The NGO Cordoberxia stated that Moreno Garavito “was carrying out several investigations with criminal and disciplinary complaints”, for which they demand “truth, justice, comprehensive reparation and guarantees of non-repetition”.

With the murder of Moreno Garavito, the number of journalists murdered in Colombia this year rises to three.


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