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The indigenous movement of Ecuador asks Parliament for a political trial against the Minister of the Interior

Conaie considers that the representative of the Ecuadorian Executive failed to fulfill his duties and violated Human Rights during the protests.

The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie) delivered this Thursday to parliament a request for impeachment against the Minister of the Interior, Patricio Carrillo Rosero, for his alleged responsibility in the violation of Human Rights during the repression of the protests that took place last June.

The movement considered that the holder of the portfolio would have breached his functions and “political responsibility”, by “misapplying” international protocols and standards on the progressive and differentiated use of public force during demonstrations.

According to the document introduced by Conaie, the lawsuit against Carrillo, which was admitted to the National Assembly by the parliamentarian, Peter Fernando Calo, is based on Article 131 of the Constitution.

On July 12, the expanded council of the Connie resolved to require the Gob son of Guillermo Lasso, who “assumes responsibility for the excessive use of repressive force against the population carried out by the police and military, which caused murders, injuries, arrests, persecution, and criminalization”.

The organization also demanded full reparation for the victims, the immediate end of the persecution and stigmatization of the leaders, and the entire indigenous movement.

Furthermore, he urged Parliament to impeach Carrillo and also against the head of the Defense portfolio, Luis Lara , who is also accused of being directly responsible for human rights violations during the protests.


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