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The Government of Spain approves the 'trans law' that recognizes the right to gender self-determination from the age of 12


The initiative, which will allow changing the registration sex without the need to submit medical reports, will now be debated in the Congress of Deputies.

This Monday, the Government of Spain has given the green light to the bill for the real and effective equality of trans people and for the guarantee of the rights of LGTBI people, known as the ‘trans law’, which will now be debated in the Congress of Deputies.

The new legislation, promoted by the Ministry of Equality, headed by Irene Montero, includes gender self-determination as a star measure without the need for medical reports from the age of 16.

The process of double appearance will last four months. The change must be requested in the Civil Registry, where it will be necessary to go again three months later to reaffirm the decision. Within a maximum period of one month, the person in charge of the Civil Registry must issue a final resolution.

This procedure will be valid for those over 16 years of age without restriction. Between 14 and 16 they must have the consent of their legal representatives and between 12 and 14 with legal guardianship. Those under 12 years of age may change their name , although not their registered sex.

Conversion therapies are prohibited

In addition, conversion therapies are prohibited, which can lead to administrative fines of an amount yet to be determined , but that could reach 150,000 euros.

The path of this standard has been full of obstacles and disagreements. The latter have resulted in friction between the partners of the Government , the majority is the Socialist Party and the minority United Podemos, to which Montero, the head of Equality, belongs. was especially critical when considering that it discriminated against women in different areas and that it recommended that the age for gender self-determination be raised to 18 years.


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