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The German Minister of Health warns about the bankruptcy of hospitals due to the energy crisis


For the senior official, today no one can estimate electricity prices of the next year.

Karl Lauterbach, German Health Minister, argued last weekend that German hospitals could go bankrupt due to rising electricity prices and inflation.

“If we don’t react quickly and drastically, then there will be closures,” the senior official told the ARD channel.

The German Hospital Federation asked the government for help last week to be able to meet the costs of materials and energy in the 2022 and 2023.

The minister stated that today no one can estimate next year’s electricity prices.But in any case, he said, hospitals will face a liquidity problem in the coming months and this could result in the closure of some or many of them.

To try to help the country’s health system, Lauterbach will seek this Tuesday to negotiate state aid with Finance Minister Christian Lindner. that it is not possible to create a fund for hospitals.”We cannot create special funds for each area,” he explained.

Due to the energy crisis resulting from the sanctions against Russia , Germany is facing a serious a c economic crisis. In September, inflation reached an even higher level, rising to 10,9% in the year.


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