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The gas crisis in Europe drives the turn of Mercedes towards renewable energies


The CEO of the car company presented a new model of electric SUV and stated that the company can cover the 18 % of your energy needs in Germany using electricity produced in wind farms.

The gas crisis that Europe is currently facing prompts Mercedes-Benz to delve into the use of clean energy, said the company’s CEO, Ola Källenius, in an interview for CNN. He assured that in the short term the company will be “in a relatively strong position” to overcome the energy shortage. “If you look at it from a future perspective, in the medium and long term, I actually think this could even be a catalyst to get into renewables faster,” he pointed out.

Due to the energy crisis in Europe, Germany drew up a management plan to deal with the problem that the gas rationing for companies if the situation worsens during the winter. Consequently, although the Old Continent’s gas storage facilities now show that they have enough fuel to see Europe through the season without serious supply shocks, companies have already taken precautions.

Europa podría alquilar plantas flotantes para aumentar el suministro de energía en invierno

Mercedes has begun taking steps to roughly halve the use of natural gas at the company’s factories in Germany. However, it intends to “maintain full production” by transferring to electricity and other sources, according to the CEO.

On the other hand, the company has been stocking certain vehicle components that are manufactured with natural gas. This is done to “have parts in the system” in case of possible gas shortages during the winter, Källenius said.

In addition, the car company is preparing to make a massive shift towards wind energy. Mercedes has started the construction of a wind farm at its own plants and has also signed a contract to use wind facilities in the Baltic Sea. These two measures combined could cover the 40 % of the energy needs of the company in Germany. “We are going to diversify, we are going to become more resistant and, of course, we are going to get rid of carbon”, declared the head of the company.

Finally, Mercedes is working to expand its range of electric vehicles in order to catch up with the American company Tesla. The German automaker has an ambitious goal to “become fully electric” in 2030.

At the Paris Motor Show, where Ola Källenius gave the interview, the CEO also unveiled a new all-electric EQE sport utility vehicle . The director described it as one of the most important launches in the history of Mercedes. “The E-Class SUV segment is one of our best all over the world. That is why this vehicle is so important to us”, he clarified.

Currently there is concern that the demand for cars and other goods will decrease due to the growing economic crisis. Källenius acknowledged that there is “gathering clouds,” mostly because of inflation, but noted that luxury goods are often relatively protected of the ups and downs of the economy. “I think we have the flexibility in our production system to also face the differences of the economic cycle”, he assured.


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