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The conditions of the primary care emergencies lead to the indefinite strike of the Madrid toilets


The emergency physicians of one of the large hospitals also call an indefinite strike, while the region’s Primary Care manager resigns.

The health workers of the Community of Madrid, the Spanish region that houses the country’s capital, have called for an indefinite strike starting next 25 October. Those affected by the care reorganization of out-of-hospital emergencies are called to participate.

The new system extends the working day but does not increase the number of doctors, so the five unions in the sector have agreed for this call that aims to stop the plans of the regional government, headed by the conservative Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

The reorganization supposes the creation of 78 points of continuous attention, when joining the 40 current rural care services with the 38 primary care emergency services, which implies, according to the Madrid Association of Physicians and Graduates (AMYTS), an increase in the working day from 1.460 to 1642, 5 hours per year and one ra modification of work shifts

and other conditions, in addition to reducing the toilets of 360 a 210.

📰According to AMYTS, the working hours of professionals at 1536 annual hours at 1642,5, as well as “the radical modification of their work shifts and a foreseeable reduction in their remuneration”. Also, reduce toilets from 112 to 210

— Doctors and TS-Madrid (@amytsmedicos) October 17, 2022

Satse, CCOO, Amyts, CSIT-UP and UGT consider that it produces a worsening of the working conditions of all categories.

The unions also argue that the shift change –the majority will go on to work the afternoon shift– supposes a substantial modification of working conditions and affect the right to reconcile family and work, so it can lead to a flight of professionals in the region.

The staff called to strike includes doctors, nursing staff and guards from both rural care services and primary care emergency services.

The Infanta Sofía hospital joins the strike

This Tuesday, the emergency doctors of the Hospital Reina Sofía, north of the capital, have joined the strike. They denounce that the staff deficit is so great that the quality of care is not assured and patient safety is in danger.

In your case, the indefinite strike will begin next 28 October. This hospital center had in 2021 an assigned population of more than 333.000 patients, an increase of 23 % in the last 000 years. However, they have eight deputies on duty, instead of the planned nine, which forces them to carry out extra shifts and sometimes not respect the mandatory breaks for health professionals.

The manager of Primary Care resigns

In the midst of this wave of protests, the manager of Primary care of the Community of Madrid, Sonia Martínez Machuca, presented her resignation this Monday 17 October. The Deputy Minister of Health Care and Public Health, Fernando Prados, stressed in his appearance at the Health Commission of the Regional Assembly that it is not a dismissal, but a resignation for reasons of health.

Una bebé de 13 meses en Madrid recibe el primer trasplante del mundo de intestino de una persona fallecida

However, this is not the first front-line healthcare position to leave the region’s government, but rather those responsible Health Assistance and Suma 40 have They have also been dismissed in the midst of the conflict over the reopening of out-of-hospital emergencies.

In July, the Ministry of Health contemplated eight dismissals and their corresponding eight appointments, and recently the managers of two large hospitals in the capital.

However, the most notorious exit took place in the midst of the pandemic, in May 2020, when the then Director of Public Health, Yolanda Fuentes, tendered her resignation due to the risk of collapse of the Care Units. intensive care (ICU) due to the rush of the Madrid government to de-escalate the restrictive measures: “I resigned after hours trying to convince them not to commit an outrage” , Fuentes even wrote on his Twitter account.


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