The complex moment that Lisandra Silva and Raúl Peralta are going through: Their daughter Leiah was hospitalized

Lisandra Silva worried her followers this Saturday morning, December 17, after she used her social network Instagram to ask for good energy for her youngest daughter, Leiah.

“Our little fat girl is sick. Pray for her speedy recovery,” wrote Lisandra Silva on her Instagram account, along with a photo in which you can see the arms of the 7-month-old girl connected to several machines.

So far, the reality star has not provided more details about Leiah’s illness, however, according to the media Tiempo X, she is still in the care center waiting for a speedy improvement.

It should be noted that in May of this year, Silva and Peralta became parents of their second daughter, giving a sister to Noah, the little boy who is currently 2 years and 7 months old.