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The chief of the US General Staff insists on staying “out of politics”


Mark Milley confessed that he considered resigning under the presidency of Donald Trump and claimed that his “polar star” is the Constitution.

The head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of The United States, Mark Milley, declared in an interview with Fox News this Friday that the military must be apolitical. On Wednesday, Milley stressed the importance of following the Constitution of the country during his speech at the swearing-in ceremony for the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps at Princeton University.

“More than a document, is an idea,” Milley declared to the young military. “You are not taking the oath to a dictator or someone who aspires to be a dictator, or to a tyrant. You are taking the oath to an idea, the idea that is the United States,” he emphasized, stressing that the duty of new cadets graduating from his alma mater is sticking to the principles on which the country was founded.

In an interview with Fox News host Brett Baier, the chief of staff Conjunto reiterated its point of view, adding that the duty of the military does not depend on the political situation.

“We have to be apolitical. We stay out of the politics of the moment and we keep our oath to the Constitution regardless of the party that is in power,” he declared.

He also confessed that he was considering resigning when he was serving under former President Donald Trump, with whom he had shady relations, but now that he thinks about that period, he reaffirms that the Constitution is his “polar star” that reflects his “basic essence ” whose is it as a soldier.


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