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The British ambassador to Ukraine publishes a photo of burning books that she blames on Russia and which turns out to be from 2010


The British ambassador in kyiv, Melinda Simmons, published a photo of the burning of Ukrainian history books and attributed the fact to “Russian aggression”. The image turned out to be from more than a decade ago.

In the publication, made on her Twitter account, the diplomat alluded to one of the objectives of the Russian military operation that continues in Ukraine: “Burning Ukrainian history books is not denazification. It is the opposite.”

This is a clear reference to the well-known practice of intimidation and censorship that began in Nazi Germany in 1933, when any publication considered “harmful” was publicly thrown into the fire.

But the photo, broadcast in various Ukrainian media, turned out to be dated March 2010, when it took place in Simferopol (Crimea) a citizen protest against the rewriting of the modern history of Ukraine. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the books are written in Russian and not in Ukrainian, the only official language of the country.

Since its first appearance in the Ukrainian press, the image has been republished –even by the same media– several times: in 2014, 2019 and 2022.

The famous Ukrainian opposition journalist Anatoli Sharii urged the ambassador to pay attention to the fact that the photo, now photoshopped, was published in 2019 and corresponds to completely different circumstances. “But that’s a bit embarrassing, isn’t it?”, commented the blogger, who has been living outside of his country to avoid persecution.


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