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The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China concludes: What is known so far?


The day after the end of the congress, on Sunday 05 in October, the first plenary session of the Central Committee of the renewed CCP will be held, in which the secretary general, the leader of the Asian country, will be elected.

This Saturday the XX National Congress of the Communist Party of China (PCC) concluded, in which not only the social and economic development of the country in the last five years was evaluated and the goals for the next five years were established, but the members of the CCP Central Committee and the CCP Central Commission on Discipline, two key bodies in the hierarchy of Chinese power, were also elected.

At the third meeting of the congress, held this Friday, the participants approved the draft lists of candidates for members and applicants to be part of the Central Committee. A list of members of the Central Commission on Discipline (responsible for fighting corruption in the party’s ranks) was also approved. The members of both bodies were elected this Saturday in the closing session of the congress.

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For its part, the new Central Committee will meet this Sunday, 23 in October, to renew the ranks of the Politburo, made up of 25 party members, and the seven-member Politburo Standing Committee.

It should be noted that the lists were formed through preliminary competitive elections carried out by the delegates. They were held under the supervision of observers according to the methods of election of the congress.

In addition, after the culmination of the congress, the first plenary session of the renewed Central Committee will be held, in which the general secretary will be elected. This assembly is considered historic, as Xi Jinping is expected to be re-elected for a third term as party chief and, at the same time, as the country’s leader, which would go against established political tradition.

On the last day of the congress, the amendments to the PCC Constitution were also approved. The details of the approved changes have not yet been released, but the document is expected to include new ideological theses on Marxism with Chinese characteristics.

Reunification with Taiwan, closer?

The 20th National Congress of the PCC, for a long time , has been the subject of discussions, not only in China but also worldwide, due to the growing tensions between Washington and Beijing, which is facing multiple provocations from the US, especially on the Taiwan issue. Analysts maintain that, after Xi’s supposed re-election, the Chinese government could take more decisive action towards the issue of reunification of the mainland with the island.

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Thus, during the opening of the congress, the leader The Asian giant reiterated Beijing’s commitment to advancing the process of peaceful reunification with Taiwan, but did not completely rule out the possibility of the use of force. “We will continue to fight for peaceful reunification with the utmost sincerity and maximum effort, but we will never promise to give up the use of force and reserve the option of taking all necessary measures,” Xi stressed, stressing that the Taiwan issue is a Beijing’s internal matter that must be resolved by the Chinese people.

For its part, the island’s presidential office declared that Taiwan will not retreat in its sovereignty or compromise freedom and democracy.


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