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Thailand unveils new ‘nonstinky’ variety of controversial durian fruit

The country is the most important exporter of durian in the world.

The ‘non-stinky’ variety of durian, the world’s stinkiest fruit, has been exhibited in Thailand last week.

The Pak Chong-Khao Yai durian, a variety of the famous Mon Thong species, the most cultivated in Thailand, has become the star of a fruit festival on Friday and Saturday in Pak Chong district and was granted geographical indication status by Thai authorities, according to The Nation Thailand.

This status can now serve as a certification that demonstrates specific qualities of that product.

The creators of Pak Chong-Khao Yai assure that this kind of stinky fruit, whose consumption is prohibited in several places in Asia in hotels or on public transport, lacks a strong smell.

Durian connoisseurs, including Thai beauty queens, savored the new species at the event co-organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, confirming that it is a sweet taste with smooth flesh.

Thailand, the world’s leading durian exporter, raked in around US$5 billion last year from the sale of the fruit, amid growing demand in China.


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