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WP: Trump Pressured Truth Social Executives to Give Their Stock to His Wife Melania

Published: 16 oct 2022 00: 00 GMT According to the newspaper, the former US president threatened to "destroy the company" if his demands were not met. Former US President Donald Trump has pressured executives of the social network Truth Social to hand over their...

Hybrid brain: scientists implant human cells in mice and manage to influence their behavior

Six months after being implanted, the clusters of human cells not only survived, but also grew to occupy one-third of the hemisphere of the rodents' brains. A group of scientists led by Sergiu Pasca, professor of psychiatry at the University of California, School of Medicine, in

Biden signs a bill to boost the US semiconductor industry and compete with China

The initiative, which also seeks to promote scientific research in the country in the midst of growing economic and technological competition with the Asian giant, It had been approved at the end of last month by the House of Representatives. The President of the United...

Scientists propose a method to extract iron on Mars

Obtaining resources on other planets allows a more efficient, economical and sustainable development in space, since shipments from Earth they are expensive and take a long time. A team of researchers led by Professor Akbar Rhamdhani, from the University of Swinburne (Melbourne, Australia), recently published...
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