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Supercomputer generates an image with unprecedented details of the remains of a supernova explosion

It shows the material ejected by the explosion of a dying star as it travels at supersonic speeds. Using state-of-the-art radio telescopes and Australia's new Setonix supercomputing system, a team of researchers has produced a spectacular image of the remnants of a supernova.

Scientists propose a method to extract iron on Mars

Obtaining resources on other planets allows a more efficient, economical and sustainable development in space, since shipments from Earth they are expensive and take a long time. A team of researchers led by Professor Akbar Rhamdhani, from the University of Swinburne (Melbourne, Australia), recently published...

A huge sunspot could trigger a geomagnetic storm on Earth this weekend

Although the spot is on the far side of the Sun, scientists detected it by monitoring its vibrational effects. This August 6 and 7, a huge sunspot on the far side away from the Sun will turn towards Earth, which could cause solar flares and...

This is the 'black widow' pulsar that breaks records by being the most massive neutron star so far

The stellar object is considered to be the densest seen from Earth, given that neutrons and neutrons are deposited inside its core. quarks. However, no evidence of exotic matter such as kaons, which are strange quarks, was observed. A group of researchers from American scientific...

They install in Switzerland an 'alien' habitat printed in 3D that can be sent into space on SpaceX rockets

It is intended for the development of experiments that will mainly study the impact that life on other planets could have on humans. At the Rosenberg Institute, a Swiss boarding school for students aged 6 to 18 , installed a prototype of a space habitat...
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