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Supercomputer generates an image with unprecedented details of the remains of a supernova explosion

It shows the material ejected by the explosion of a dying star as it travels at supersonic speeds. Using state-of-the-art radio telescopes and Australia's new Setonix supercomputing system, a team of researchers has produced a spectacular image of the remnants of a supernova.

The Earth rotates too fast: what is the reason and what consequences will it have for our lives?

Publicado: 7 ago 2022 02:15 GMT Nuestro planeta recientemente marcó el récord del día más corto, que encaja en la tendencia de los últimos años. Hace poco más de un mes la Tierra registró el día más corto desde que se crearon los relojes atómicos en la década de 1960 para medir la rotación del planeta alrededor de

This is the 'black widow' pulsar that breaks records by being the most massive neutron star so far

The stellar object is considered to be the densest seen from Earth, given that neutrons and neutrons are deposited inside its core. quarks. However, no evidence of exotic matter such as kaons, which are strange quarks, was observed. A group of researchers from American scientific...
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