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Stoppages and blockades of mines cost Peru more than 1,000 million dollars


In its first nine months, the Castillo Administration is the one that registers the most mining conflicts of the last six governments in the same period.

The administration of the President of Peru, Pedro Castillo, reports more active mining conflicts during his first nine months in office than the last six governments for the same period. In total, it is estimated that the strikes and mining blockades cost the country about 1,160 million dollars, according to estimates by El Comercio.

This is clear from the reports on social conflicts issued by the Ombudsman, the last of which sets at 65 active mining conflicts until the end of April, which represent 63.7% of all open conflicts in the country.

The nine currently paralyzed mines have failed to pay around 348 million dollars in taxes and royalties. Of the conflicts collected, 10 correspond to informal and illegal mining, four of them being active, joined by five latent and one in the early warning phase. In addition, as of April, only 2% of informal miners had completed their formalization registration.

– Ombudsman Peru (@Defensoria_Peru) May 22, 2022

The truth is that most of the current conflicts are inherited from previous administrations. To date, of the nine mines that have been affected by blockades and stoppages, six suspended activities between August 2021 and May 2022: Buenaventura, Antamina, Apumayo, Nexa, Las Bambas, Cuajone. The last two are still suspended.

The mining conflicts have also caused Peru to stop exporting 470 million dollars and that at least 303,000 direct and indirect jobs have been affected, according to reports El Comercio.


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