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Soccer players use body cameras for the first time in the confrontation between Cologne and AC Milan


Among the images captured, a first-person perspective of the double of the ‘rossoneri’ attacker, Olivier Giroud, is offered.

The friendly match played this Saturday between Cologne (Germany) and AC Milan (Italy) was the stage to test a new technology in football. It involves the incorporation of a body camera with artificial intelligence attached to the players’ clothing.

During the match, played on the pitch at the Rhein Energie stadium, two Cologne footballers , Timo Hübers and Tim Lemperle, wore two vests equipped with ‘bodycams’, while others jumped onto the pitch with microphones, as well as special soles on their boots to capture various tracking data.

Among the scenes recorded with the new device, the goals scored by the Milan attacker, Olivier Giroud, who opened the scoring in the 15th minute, and subtly defined over the goalkeeper to score the second goal of the table ‘ Rossoneri’ in the 36th minute.

Furthermore, Florian Dietz’s goal was recorded in the 86th minute, which would put definitive figures in the 2-1 defeat of the German eleventh.

“It took me a while to get used to carrying the camera on my body, since I used to do a lot I warm you underneath. It didn’t limit me, but you could tell I was wearing it,” Hübers commented after the match. I think some of today’s innovations are quite interesting for fans.”

The devices, developed by the company MindFly, are part of the new technologies of the so-called ‘Game of the Innovation’, which is currently being tested in the friendly tournament of the Telekom Cup. According to the firm, the objective is to provide the viewer with a first-person perspective of the actions at pitch level.

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