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Shakira rejects an agreement with the Prosecutor's Office and will go to trial in Spain for tax fraud

The Colombian artist is accused of six crimes of fraud, each punished with between one and five years in prison.

Shakira has rejected the agreement proposed by the Barcelona Prosecutor’s Office to avoid going to trial for the accusation of tax fraud of 14.5 million euros between 2012 and 2014. The proposal included the reduction of the sentence, for which she would not enter prison if convicted, the acceptance of the accusations and the payment of a fine.

Thus, the Colombian singer will go to trial accused of six crimes of fraud against the Spanish Treasury, which carry a prison sentence of between one and five years each. The Public Ministry maintains that the artist should have paid 12.3 million euros to the Tax Agency for Personal Income Tax (IRPF) for three years and almost 2.2 million to the analogous body of Catalonia for the wealth accumulated during that period. His adviser is also charged.

Shakira has reiterated his innocence during all this time. The reason for disagreement focuses on whether or not during those three years she resided for more than 183 days of each year in Spain. The singer alleges that no, that her stay in the country was sporadic , while the Spanish body accuses the artist of Pretend not to reside in Spain so as not to pay taxes and hiding their income through a network based in tax havens.

Despite the discrepancies, Shakira maintains that her behavior has always been impeccable and has shown a good disposition, as she would show that it has been a long time since has paid the 14.5 million euros claimed, as well as 3 million in interest.

Now everything indicates that during the criminal process the Prosecutor’s Office will request a prison sentence and a high fine, which is calculated based on the amount defrauded, although the amounts of each of the sanctions have yet to be specified.


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