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Rhinos return to Mozambique 40 years after disappearing from the territory


The number of wild animals in the African country was severely affected by poaching and the 15-year civil war.

More than four decades ago, rhinos disappeared from Mozambique due to poaching and the civil war that lasted 15 years in the country. Now, the animals roam the Mozambican lands again, in what is an effort by the local authorities to promote local tourism.

A group of rangers was in charge of capturing, sedating and moving black and white rhinos from South Africa to the Zinave National Park, which covers more than 400,000 hectares and has more than 2,300 other reintroduced animals.

“Rhinos are important to the ecosystem, which is one of the reasons why we are moving them this far and making all this effort to get them there,” Kester Vickery, a conservationist who oversees rhino transport, told Reuters.

The conservation group Peace Parks Foundation (PPF), which is carrying out the operation and has already brought other animals to the park, intends to relocate more than 40 rhinos in the next two years in Mozambique.

This initiative is part of a campaign to save endangered species by relocating them to safe havens where they have the opportunity to increase their population. “We are spreading our eggs and putting them in different baskets,” Vickery said, adding that a thriving white rhino population is expected in Zinave in ten years.


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