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Remains of a mysterious pottery factory from 2,000 years ago discovered on an island in northern Norway


The find poses a puzzle for archaeologists because there are no clay deposits in this Scandinavian region.

A group of archaeologists has discovered the remains of a pottery factory that once existed approximately 2,000 years ago on an island north of Norway.

The discovery was made in the Kirkhelleren cave, on the island of Sanna, municipality of Traena, located 50 km from the mainland and which is considered one of the first human settlements in the Scandinavian country.

“We have found a structure that has clearly been affected by heat.It is insulated at the bottom and lined with limpet shells.There is a lot of burnt clay inside,” said Erlend Jørgensen, archaeologist at the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research.

“We believe that this structure must have been created for a quite extensive ceramic production”, said the specialist to the portal

The strange thing about the finding is that there are no known deposits of clay in this group of islands, so the researchers suggest that it was transported to this place by sea.

“Ceramic production is not something that is started on a large scale in a place like this, unless there is a very special reason for it. That’s why it seems very strange to me “, expressed Jørgensen.

The vestiges of pottery production were discovered in the same cave where pottery remains had been found during an archaeological expedition in the 1930.

The researcher mentioned that a large number of bones from seals and fish had been discovered in the cave, indicating that large-scale hunting of these species was practiced there.

“If I had to guess, it seems that this pottery production could be related to the massive capture of seals and other animals. Perhaps ceramics were created for the preparation of food. However, we don’t know for sure,” concluded Jørgensen.


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