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Radioactive waste found in US elementary school


The levels of the radioactive isotope lead 210, polonium, radium and other toxic substances were “much higher ” to those predicted by the experts.

A new report prepared by environmental research consultants in the US revealed the presence of significant radioactive contamination

in an elementary school in the suburbs of the city of San Luis, Missouri, where nuclear weapons were manufactured during World War II.

Fears about contamination in the educational center were confirmed by the Boston Chemical Data Corporation, after the analysis of samples taken in August at the Jana Elementary School, collected by AP.

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The agency did not specify who requested and financed the report, which had previously been submitted by a study by the Army Corps of Engineers that also found contamination in the area, but at much lower levels, and did not take any samples less than 91 meters from the educational institution.

The school in question is located in a flood plain of Coldwater Creek, contaminated by nuclear waste that were dumped in places near the creek that empties into the Missouri River. The Corps of Engineers has been cleaning up the creek for over 42 years.

The most recent report includes samples taken in the library, the kitchen, the classrooms, fields and schoolyards. The levels of the radioactive isotope lead 210, polonium, radium and other toxicants were “far higher” than expected by Boston Chemical, according to the report.

Inhaling or ingesting these radioactive materials can cause significant damage, so the development of “a repair program so that the conditions of the school meet expectations” was recommended. .

For its part, the school district stated in a statement that it will consult with its attorneys and experts to determine the next steps.


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