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Queen release unreleased Freddie Mercury song

The British group’s production team discovered ‘Face It Alone’ by digging through old recordings from 1988.

The British rock band Queen has released this Thursday an unreleased song they recorded together with the late Freddie Mercury, reports The Rolling Stone. At the beginning of summer, the group had announced that the world would know the new work of the acclaimed musician: ‘Face It Alone‘ (‘Afrontarlo solo’, in Spanish).

The theme It was recorded in 1988 while Queen was working on their 13th studio album and penultimate release with the singer, ‘The Miracle’. At that time, the band recorded about 30 songs, but only ten became part of the compilation, while the rest were never published and were forgotten .

The group’s production and archive team discovered ‘Face It Alone’ digging through old recordings while preparing the next reissue of ‘The Miracle’, which will be released on October 13.

In June, after obtaining the song, Queen drummer Roger Taylor and guitarist Brian May commented during an interview that they had found “a little jewel of Freddie, which they had almost forgotten”.

However, preparing the theme for its release required some work.

“It was kind of hidden in plain sight. We looked at it many times and thought: ‘We can’t rescue it,'” said May, who praised the work of the sound engineers who managed to recover the song. “It’s like a kind of joining of pieces. But is beautiful and moving ,” he added.

‘ Face It Alone’ is one of six previously unreleased tracks to appear on ‘The Miracle’ eight-disc series, along with ‘Dog With A Bone’, ‘I Guess We’re Falling Out’ and ‘You Know You Belong To I’.


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