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Prince Charles accepted a $1.2 million donation from Osama bin Laden's family, report says

According to The Sunday Times, the son of Queen Elizabeth II personally negotiated the contribution with one of the former leader’s brothers of Al Qaeda in 2013.

The charity of Prince Charles of Wales, The Prince of Wales’ Charitable Fund, accepted a donation of one million pounds sterling (1.2 million dollars) from the family of Osama bin Laden, the founder and former leader of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda.

The money came from the hands of two half-brothers of the terrorist assassinated in 2011, Bakr and Shafiq bin Laden, and allegedly Charles of Wales negotiated the payment in a meeting with Bakr at his royal residence, Clarence House, London, on October 30, 2013, supports a report from the British newspaper The Sunday Times.

Although there are no indications that the Bin Laden brothers, heirs to one of the richest and most recognized in Saudi Arabia, have sponsored terrorist actions or have been involved in them, the newspaper noted on Saturday that the charity of the heir to the British crown and several of his advisers tried to persuade him that it would be better not to receive the contribution. However, despite the discrepancies, the money was finally accepted.

Subsequently, one of the prince’s advisers urged him to return the donation, warning him that his reputation could be seriously damaged if his name was associated with that of the Saudi family . However, the son of Queen Elizabeth II felt it would be too embarrassing to return the money to the tycoons and feared they would suspect the motive, the article states.

The Prince of Wales’ Charitable FundWCF accepted the donation after conclude that the actions of Osama Bin Laden, the main suspect of the attacks of September 11 of 2001 in New York, should not tarnish the rest of the members of his family, in this case to Bakr and Shafiq. However, sources close to the prince question the accusations that Carlos personally negotiated the deal and that he agreed to the donations despite the objections of his advisers.

The president of the organization, Ian Cheshire, clarified that the entry of that capital was a decision taken “entirely” by the trustees of the fund back then and not from Carlos. “Any attempt to suggest otherwise is misleading and inaccurate,” he added. At the same time, The Sunday Times comments that a spokesman for the prince had in the past stressed that “all fundraising decisions” of his charities “operate independently” of himself , who also does not have an official position within the fund.

Despite these arguments, the case again calls into question the conduct and personal judgment of Carlos, who has already been involved in other similar scandals. Last month a representative from Clarence House confirmed that the prince had received bags with millions of euros in cash of an influential Qatari politician and investor during personal meetings. There are no assumptions that the payments were illegal and the charity’s trustees confirmed that the donation was made in 2015 in cash at the donor’s choosing, and that a special audit concluded that no law had been broken.


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