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Prime Minister of Hungary affirms that the partial embargo on Russian crude oil will not affect his country


Orbán compared the possible effect of such a ban on his country’s economy to “an atomic bomb”.

The first Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, confirmed on Tuesday that the partial embargo agreement on Russian oil, reached by the EU member countries on Monday, does not provide for measures against the supply of crude oil to his country.

“An agreement has been reached, Hungary is exempt from the oil embargo!”, wrote the politician on his Facebook page*.

In a video released almost an hour later, Orbán notified that the agreement “establishes that the countries that receive oil through pipelines can continue to operate under the old conditions.” He stated that this exemption was achieved by his position and asserted that the effect of cutting off Russian gas would be “like an atomic bomb” for the Hungarian economy.

“We managed to reject the Commission’s proposal, which was going to ban the use of Russian oil in Hungary.[…] Families can sleep peacefully today,” said Orbán.

The agreement, which provides for the partial embargo and other measures, was announced by the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, and the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. Michel has already confirmed that the ban does not affect supplies through the Druzhba pipeline, which supplies Hungary, among other countries.

*Social network prohibited on Russian territory, which belongs to the Meta company, qualified as an “extremist organization” by the Russian authorities.


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