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Pitched battle between two music bands at a samba festival in Brazil (VIDEO)


The teams of both groups kicked and punched each other on stage, while the public booed them.

What was going to be a night of enjoyment and fun ended in a pitched battle on stage between two bands, Psirico and Samba Trator, during a samba festival in the Brazilian city of Salvador, in the state of Bahia.

In the videos published on social networks, the teams of the two groups can be seen pushing each other, punching and kicking each other and even hitting each other with their microphone stands. Meanwhile, the public is heard booing them.

Several of the musicians fell to the ground and part of the material was destroyed.

As the manager of the band Samba Trator, whose name was not mentioned, explained to G1, the fight began when a member of Psirico approached the singer Márcio Victor, from Samba Trator, and one of the producers pushed him away abruptly , which caused a row.

The organization of the event apologized to the public. “Samba da Feira (name of the festival) is a cultural project that works to bring joy and strengthen this musical genre in our land, which is samba, to bring peace and only joy to our followers,” he detailed in a note.

So far, neither of the two groups has commented on what happened and it has not been revealed whether there were any injuries.


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