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Pharmacies in the US put limits on the purchase of contraceptives after a surge in demand for the Supreme Court ruling on abortion


The drugstore chain Rite Aid, for example, limited purchases of the product to three units per purchaser.

Several US pharmacy chains have temporarily limited orders for emergency contraceptive pills due to the increase in demand for the drug as a result of the decision of the US Supreme Court that annulled the constitutional right to abortion, collects Bloomberg.

Among them, CVC last Saturday restricted the purchase to three pills per customer to ensure equitable access and a constant supply on store shelves. However, the company lifted the restrictions on Tuesday, arguing that sales “are back to normal.”

In a similar decision, Rite Aid also limited purchases of the product to three units per purchaser due to increased demand.

For its part, Walmart set a limit of four or six units of your morning-after pills for orders scheduled for delivery through the end of the month. According to a company representative, “during times of fluctuating demand,” its restrictions on online purchases change. It also added that the purpose of the limitations is to prevent people from stocking and reselling their products at a higher price.

In that line, Amazon established a maximum of three units per week in the purchase of emergency contraceptive pills.

Last Friday, the US Supreme Court annulled the ruling of the historic Roe v. Wade case, from 1973, in which the same court recognized that the US Constitution protects the freedom to terminate pregnancy.

This new ruling put an end to the precedent that provided constitutional guarantees to women to abort, and it can lead to a ban on abortion in about half of the states in the country.


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