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Petro proposes a “great national agreement” to Hernández for the second electoral round in Colombia


The Pact candidate Historic said that the government program of the Anti-Corruption Governors League is increasingly similar to his.

The candidate for the presidency of Colombia for the Historical Pact , Gustavo Petro, proposed this Wednesday to his rival in the second round, the standard-bearer of the League of Anticorruption Governors, Rodolfo Hernández, a “national agreement” to govern the country, reported the local newspaper El Tiempo.

The leftist candidate and winner of the first electoral round said, with some irony, that he is “seeing the effort” of Hernández to “publicly express a government program that is increasingly similar ” to that of the Pact, which “is not negligible,” he said. .

And he added: “That intention, in programmatic terms, of approaching our program, could be, if we look at it positively , the prelude to a great national agreement “.

These statements were made by the former mayor of Bogotá during an act in which he added the support of the Independent Social Alliance (ASI), fourth in number of vote in the elections last Sunday, to his electoral campaign.

For Petro, at this electoral moment a polarized country is observed, with two large blocks, as it was “practically all this century”. In this sense, I have lamented that each “one has been the enemy of the other and they do not look at each other again during all the years that the governments pass and others arrive.”

To put an end to this divisive logic, the leader of the Historical Pact proposed: “That the first act of government, be it his or mine, be summon that diversity that will be expressed on June 19 to build paths of historical pact in Colombia”.

Petro garnered 40% of the votes this Sunday and will face Hernández, the 77-year-old former mayor of Bucamaranga, who surprisingly agreed to the ballot by adding 28% of votes. Behind was Federico ‘Fico’ Gutiérrez, the card of Uribismo, who did not even get a quarter of the electorate (23%).


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