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Pentagon chief: “We do not support Taiwan independence”


USA it will maintain the ‘status quo’ in the Indo-Pacific, assured the Secretary of Defense.

United States Secretary of Defense , Lloyd Austin, has reiterated during his speech in Singapore that Washington “will maintain its active presence in the Indo-Pacific” as long as international law allows it and that the White House’s policy in the region, and with respect to Taiwan, “remains no change”.

“We are determined to maintain the ‘status quo’ that has served this region so well for so long,” said Lloyd. “So let me be clear: we remain firmly committed to our traditional one-China policy, guided by the Taiwan Relations Law, the three Joint Communiqués and the Six Assurances,” he said. )

“We are categorically opposed to any unilateral change of the ‘status quo’ by both parties. We do not support the independence of Taiwan,” said the Pentagon chief, adding that the United States advocates the resolution of the differences between Taipei and Beijing “by peaceful means”.

  • Taiwan is self-governing with its own administration and is firm in its determination to defend its sovereignty with a “democratic way of life”, while Beijing regards the island as a province of the People’s Republic of China, insisting on its one-China policy and reiterating the “reunification” discourse with the “wanderer who will eventually return home”
  • USA. maintains a policy of strategic ambiguity towards the island, reserving the right to maintain special relations with Taipei, which, in his opinion, makes its own decisions.
  • Beijing opposes any negotiations with Taiwan to bypass the central government.

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