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Obama advises Democrats not to be 'killjoys'


The former president explained that the people “want some recognition” that all of us sometimes “can make mistakes.”

The former president of the United States, Barack Obama, qualified his Democratic colleagues this Saturday of “poopers” in an interview for the podcast Pod Save America.

During the conversation, the politician gave some advice to his co-religionists and spoke about the threats that, in your opinion, it confronts American democracy.

Obama gana un premio Emmy

First of all, he advised politicians to speak honestly and openly about all things. According to him, during his years in the White House, when he addressed the people from the stands, he also sometimes “got a little too professorial. “. “And that’s not how people think about these issues,” he clarified.

“What does politics have to do with the things that matter most to me? My family, my children, the work that gives me satisfaction, with having fun, not being a killjoy . And sometimes the Democrats are,” Obama said, referring to what the people think.

“Sometimes people just don’t want to feel like they’re walking on very thin ice, and they want some acknowledgment that life is messy and that all of us, at any given time, can say things the wrong way, make mistakes,” he added.

As expressed, “to be a little more authentic and being a little more down to earth” is something that he believes contributes greatly to “counteracting systematic propaganda”, which the president attributed to some media outlets.

Trump’s “outrageous” behavior

    Expressing concern about the state of American democracy, Obama had words for former President Donald Trump and his behavior, which, he said, “may be scandalous“. “And now, people who try to copy him and his outrageous behaviors get a lot of attention,” he argued.

    Despite the fact that, according to Obama, “the Democrats join this game”, in particular “wasting a lot of time, energy and resources pointing out the last crazy thing he said [Trump]”, the advantage of his colleagues is that “they are decent, thoughtful and well informed” .

    • The podcast was published a few weeks before the mid-term elections, which will be held on November 8.
    • In this crucial electoral appointment, the members of the Democratic Party fear of losing control of Congress , amid the decline in popularity of President Joe Biden.


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