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NYT confirms that Ukraine is behind the massive drone attack on Russian ships in Sevastopol


The Ukrainian government has denied its involvement in this offensive and describes Moscow’s suspension of the grain agreement as a “false pretext”.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces launched this Saturday’s drone attack against Russian Black Sea Fleet ships anchored in the port of the city of Sevastopol (Crimea), reports the American newspaper The New York Times.

In an article dedicated to the modern weapons and equipment provided to Ukraine by West, the newspaper claims that kyiv “exhibited its new capabilities” in the early morning of 29 in October, when its drones “attacked a Russian ship anchored in Sevastopol”.

Rusia alerta a la ONU sobre riesgos en el corredor de granos ucranianos

In another note, the newspaper indicates that the Ukrainian authorities “have maintained a official policy of ambiguity on attacks behind the front lines”. However, these events “appear to be the latest example of Ukrainian forces attacking sensitive Russian sites from afar,” using drones and “powerful weapons” provided by Western nations.

The massive attack of drones

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the massive attack was carried out under the supervision of British specialists with nine aerial drones and seven unmanned maritime vehicles, which caused “minor damage” to two Russian ships. All aircraft involved in the Ukrainian offensive were destroyed. The vessels targeted by the attack guaranteed the security of the humanitarian corridor for the evacuation of wheat and other agricultural products from the Ukrainian ports, in the framework of the agreement reached in July between Moscow and kyiv with the mediation of the UN and Turkey.

Moscow described the attack as “terrorist “ and indefinitely suspended its participation in the agreement for the export of Ukrainian grain. For his part, the permanent representative of Russia to the UN, Vasili Nebenzia, denounced that said humanitarian corridor was used to cover up the attack

. At least one of the drones would have taken off from one of the civilian boats that, supposedly, intended to evacuate agricultural products.

The Ukrainian government has denied its involvement in these attacks, calling them “false pretext” the suspension of the agreement. The president of that country, Vladimir Zelenski, described Moscow’s decision as “predictable” and denounced that this decision is “deliberately aggravating” the food crisis.


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