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New large gas well discovered in SW China


The new exploratory well could produce 258.600 cubic meters of natural gas per day.

Chinese energy company Sinopec discovered a large gas well in a field in the Sichuan province basin on Tuesday, China News Service reported, citing Sinopec’s Southwest China Petroleum Bureau. The well contains reserves of about 600.800 million of cubic meters of gas.

The new exploratory well has a potential production of 258.600 cubic meters of natural gas per day. According to the company, it is the first major breakthrough in shale gas exploration in the Cambrian Qiongzhusi formation, which will help form a new natural gas reserve base in China. Qiongzhusi is also the most promising formation for future offshore shale gas exploration.

Sinopec’s annual natural gas production has exceeded 8.000 million cubic meters from 2021, compared to 2.800 million cubic meters of 2012. The company has become the largest producer of natural gas in China, with a cumulative production of 54.820 millions of cubic meters in the last decade, communicates the company itself.

On Monday, Beijing asked state importers to stop reselling liquefied natural gas to buyers in Asia and Europe in order to guarantee its own supply for the winter.


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