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Nearly 100 million Americans have to cut their daily expenses to afford health care

A survey conducted in June 2022 shows that 38% of the adult population of the North American country took measures such as omitting some treatment or reducing your expenses for utilities and food in the last six months.

About 98 million Americans, 38% of the nation’s adult population North American, have reduced their daily expenses to be able to pay for medical care, according to the results published this Thursday of a survey conducted jointly by the West Health family of nonprofit organizations and the Gallup analytics and advisory company.

The text indicates that in the last six months that percentage of the population delayed or omitted some treatment, reduced your driving time, decreased your spending on utilities and food or borrowed money to pay medical bills.

The survey was conducted in June 2022, the month in which the general inflation rate reached 9.1%, a new maximum of the last four decades in the US. In fact, this change in the behave The growth of citizens is due, in part, to the increase of the prices in the medical sector.

The The percentage of people who did so was higher in low-income families, with more than half of households earning less than $48,000 a year cutting back on spending. Likewise, 20% of the families that earn more than 180,000 dollars a year were also forced to proceed in this way.

Little confidence in the rulers

“People have been making concessions to pay for the attention edic for years. Inflation has only made things worse as people are now also struggling with the high price of gas, food and electricity,” said Timothy A. Lash, President of West Health.

In this sense, he pointed out that the difference between the previous situation and the current one is that now Congress has the power to reduce the prices of medical care, particularly for prescription drugs.”Legislation is on the table,” he stressed.

The The survey also reveals that three in five American adults (59%) “do not trust at all” their elected representatives in Congress or their own state government to take action to curb rising health care costs in the coming years. months, while 35% “do not trust too much”.


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