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Mustard shortage leaves shelves empty in France: what is the reason?


France imports the great majority of its mustard seeds from a single country that has recently suffered from drought.

A shortage is being reported in France of mustard on supermarket shelves due to a lack of seeds to produce the seasoning, so the price of mustard sauces has increased by around 9% in a year and the situation is feared to worsen.

According to local media, the shortage is due in large part to the fact that Canada, the world’s leading exporter of mustard seeds, suffered an intense drought last year that affected crops of this plant.

Exports went from 130,000 tons in 2020 to 99,000 tons in 2021, a decrease of 28%. Currently, a ton of mustard seed is sold for 1,700 euros (1,795 dollars) , more than double compared to last year, which has affected the price that the consumer pays for the final product in stores.

80% of mustard seeds come from Canada

The grand master of the Dijon Mustard Brotherhood points out that France buys from Canada “80% of your mustard seeds”, one of the factors that have caused the shortage of this seasoning in the European country, and stresses that “mustard manufacturers They had never seen this.” A spokesman for the French retail cooperative Super U declared that “the shelves are empty” and indicated that the shortage also affects “restaurants and fast food”.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine contributed to the rise in prices of this seasoning, since both countries are producers of mustard seeds. But it is the halt in exports that is the reason why French producers have not been able to cover the lack of raw material resulting from the drought in Canada.

The Association of Burgundy Mustard Seed Producers commented that the national production of this condiment is delayed because in 2019 some of the pesticides used to fight pests were banned. France accounts for around 50% of European mustard production.

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