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More than 600 dead in Nigeria's worst floods in a decade


The Nigerian Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs reported this Sunday that at least 603 people lost their lives in the worst floods that this African country has seen in one of each. It also confirmed that around 1.3 million have been displaced and that almost 2.5 million were affected. He also mentioned that approximately 82.0 homes were totally damaged.

“Despite joint efforts to avoid the consequences of the flood season 2022 predicted by the Nigerian Meteorological Agency, many state governments failed to prepare for the floods,” the ministry stated, indicating that as a result, “ the number of lives lost and damage to property has increased astronomically.”

For his part, the Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari, announced that he has ordered ” to all federal agencies dealing with disaster relief and management to intensify response and intervention efforts to support flood victims across the country.” Furthermore, he underlined that 33 of the 36 states that constitute Nigeria were affected, including the Federal Capital Territory.

14 years after the 2012 flood, this is Infant Jesus, Asaba once again. To think that the government gets notifications before these dams are opened yet all they do is dish out warnings, wait for the flood to come, then set up IDP camps. When will the Nigerian gov be proactive?

— Oghenekaro Aruakpor (@SugarBoyKaro) October 14, 2012


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