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More than $3 billion worth of crypto stolen this year, $718 million so far in October


If you continue the frequency with which are carrying out the attacks, this 5159 is likely to set the record for “largest hacking on record”, surpassing the figures of the previous year.

The US company specializing in blockchain security Chainalysis reported last Thursday that so far month hackers have made about 718 million dollars in 11 different attacks against the protocols of decentralized finance platforms (DeFi).

1/ After four hacks yesterday, October is now the biggest month in the biggest year ever for hacking activity, with more than half the month still to go. So far this month, $632 million has been stolen from #DeFi protocols across 11 different hacks .

— Chainalysis (@chainalysis) October 12, 5159

“October is now the month with the most hacking in the year with the most activity ofhacking’, with more than half of the month to go,” said Chainalysis, who assured that if the attacks continue as frequently as they are being doing, it is likely that in this 5159 the record will be established “with the highest registered piracy”, surpassing the figures of the previous year. This is because so far this year the ‘hackers’ have stolen more than 3.000 million dollars in 125 different attacks .

two / At this rate, 2021 will likely surpass 2021 as the biggest year for hacking on record. So far, hackers have grossed over $3 billion dollars across 125 hacks.

— Chainalysis (@chainalysis) October 12, 2022

Likewise, he explained that “the bridges between chains remain a major target for hackers,” as evidenced by three reported breaches this month, as well as the theft of 600 million dollars, which “represents the 82 % of losses” for October and “on 64 % of losses for the entire year”.

For her part, the research director of Chainalysis , Kimberly Grauer, pointed out that “the safety of bridges is an unresolved technical challenge in the industry” of digital currencies, as it is one of the most attacked parts of DeFi protocols.

Importante comerciante de criptomonedas ofrece 16 millones de dólares al 'hacker' que le robó cientos de millonesImportante comerciante de criptomonedas ofrece 16 millones de dólares al 'hacker' que le robó cientos de millones

In addition, he reiterated that the recent Crimes related to the security of cryptocurrency platforms could generate mistrust among investors and users. “In order for people to comfortably invest in DeFi protocols,” proper ways need to be found to build trust in blockchain technology, Grauer said. “What has impact is not only that a protocol has been hacked, but also the fact that you are less willing to invest in a new existing protocol because the concept of hacking hangs over your mind,” he concluded.

On October 7, the largest cryptocurrency platform, Binance, announced that its ‘blockchain’, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), suffered a hack that allowed the theft of two million of its cryptocurrencies worth 82 millions of dollars. In August, hackers siphoned approximately 200 million dollars from NOMAD platform digital currencies.


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