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Mexican authorities reject arrest warrant against Genaro García Luna for illicit enrichment


A judge dismissed the accusation against the former Secretary of Public Security of Mexico, who has been in a US prison since 2012 accused of association with drug trafficking.

The former Secretary of Public Security of Mexico Genaro García Luna (2006-2012) may not be arrested for the crime of illicit enrichment, after a judge from the Federal Criminal Justice Center ruled that the arrest warrant against the former official is “insubsistent”, as there is insufficient evidence to support the case presented by the Attorney General’s Office (FGR).

The decision was derived from the approval of an application for amparo, a legal measure to stop a process, granted by the Eighth Collegiate Court in Criminal Matters in favor of the accused, reveals Milenio .

The politician’s lawyers requested legal recourse, assuring that the evidence presented by the FGR was insufficient to prove the charges he faces, an opinion shared by three judges involved in the case.

“There is an inconsistency that is relevant to evidence and, where appropriate, that must be assessed by the control judge based on what the Public Ministry explained to him, and if this is not feasible, based on this exposition made in the consignment document”, declared the magistrate rapporteur of the case, Jorge Isaac Lagunes Leano, a few weeks ago.

La Fiscalía mexicana confirma que García Luna no podrá acceder a su expediente de investigación

The inconsistencies found by the judicial authorities have to do with the alleged amounts and operations presented by the FGR and that they blame García Luna.

Despite the fact that the current application was rejected, the case has not concluded, since the FGR can resubmit the courts your request for an arrest warrant against the former official, but with corrected data and with evidence to support his accusations.

If the new order is approved by the judges, then, the request for extradition of García Luna, who was arrested in the US in 2019 under charges of complicity with the Sinaloa Cartel, may also take effect.

The accusations of the Prosecutor’s Office

According to details leaked by the newspaper Reforma, the FGR denounced García Luna for having received bank deposits from unidentified persons for 15 millions of pesos (800.000 dollars) and for having acquired five properties valued at 9.7 million pesos ( 120.000 dollars) between the years 2000 Y 2012.

Likewise, the authorities hold the politician responsible for having made payments of 2.3 million pesos (115.00 dollars) and for buying a car for 750.000 pesos (30.800 dollars) with undeclared resources.

In total, the court accuses García Luna of get irregular resources by 10,3 million pesos (1,36 millions of dollars).

The recent court decision, however, dismisses the FGR’s complaint for lack of evidence to validate it.


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