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Marble head of Hercules found in the wreckage of a shipwrecked more than 2,000 years ago (PHOTO)

Published: 22 jun 2022 10:40 GMT

A group of divers from the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities, a department of the Ministry of Culture of Greece, recently found in the wreck of a ship wrecked in the first century BC a head of a male figure that seems to represent Hercules, announced in a statement Monday the expedition Return to Antikythera.

Specifically, it is a piece of marble of the Farnese type that probably belongs to the acephalous statue Heracles of Antikythera, which was recovered in 1900 and is currently on display at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

Also, the plinth of a marble statue, including the lower part of the legs, was found covered by a thick layer of marine deposits. It is expected that once it is cleaned and restored it will be possible to carry out a deeper analysis to know more details about it.

Two human teeth were also located along with fragments of copper, wood and other materials typical of a marine shipwreck. The press release indicates that the genetic and isotopic analysis of the teeth could be useful to obtain information about the genome and other relevant characteristics to know the origin of the individuals to whom they belonged.

Other findings

Por otro lado, se recuperaron numerosos objetos del material del buque, como clavos de bronce y hierro, el collar de plomo de un ancla de madera de gran tamaño y masas amorfas de concreción de hierro cubiertas de restos marinos, que serán posteriormente analizados con rayos X.

La misión incluyó mover una gran cantidad de rocas para poder acceder a una parte del pecio hasta ahora inexplorada. Todos los hallazgos fueron transportados de forma segura a las instalaciones del Eforato de Antigüedades Subacuáticas.

Los hallazgos fueron documentados con precisión y se integrarán en el modelo 3D del sitio dedicado al naufragio. El objetivo de los arqueólogos marinos es analizar el material del que disponen para entender mejor cómo era la embarcación, así como determinar cuál pudo haber sido su ruta.

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