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Maduro reinforces the military struggle to dismantle the “Colombian armed terrorist drug traffickers” groups operating in Venezuela


The National Armed Forces Bolivariana (FANB) has seized 26 boats, 14 vehicles, two submarines and an aircraft with US registration.

The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro accused his Colombian counterpart, Iván Duque, of supporting armed drug trafficking groups that operate on the border between the two countries.

During a broadcast on the results of Operation Bolivarian Shield 2022, Maduro spoke of the fight against the ‘Tancol’, as he has called the armed Colombian drug trafficking groups that operate in Venezuelan territory, and that, according to the president, are “sent” by President Iván Duque.

“All these groups ‘Tancol ‘, (…) who serve the narco-paramilitary oligarchy that governs Colombia,” he said. Ripe.

According to the president, these groups, which use weapons from the US, are the “spearhead of a military control intervention over Venezuela “.

Fight of the FANB against the ‘Tancol’

Within the framework of the event, Maduro was informed of the actions of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB ) in the fight against the ‘Tancol’. The Venezuelan authorities have seized 26 boats, 14 vehicles

—the majority are car bombs—, two submarines and one aircraft with US registration.

“These planes are used by Colombian drug traffickers, through the ‘Tancols’, to create clandestine airstrips and move the drug garbage that they move on orders from Ivan Duque,” Maduro said.

In recent weeks, the FANB also deactivated 1,647 improvised explosive devices and dismantled laboratories that were used for the production of drugs.

“One of the most important missions that the FANB has carried out is the liberation of all the border spaces with Colombia from the ‘Tancol'”, said the Venezuelan president.


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