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Liz Truss Made Up Family Deaths To Avoid Going On A Talk Show, Says Her Former Advisor


Kirsty Buchanan, who was a special adviser to Truss during her time as Secretary of Justice, said that politics finally ran out of “excuses” and she had to accept the program’s invitation.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Liz Truss, invented the death of a member of her family

to avoid appearing in a television debate, as revealed by one of his former assistants.

Kirsty Buchanan, who was a special adviser to Truss when she was Secretary of Justice, explained that the false deaths of “aunts, cousins ​​and others” served as an excuse for not participating in the interview and debate program ‘Question Time’ (‘Question Time ‘) from BBC.

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“Liz Truss, when I worked for her, she obviously didn’t like the media, so we used to spend a lot of time making excuses and, you know, killing minor members of her family so she wouldn’t have to go to ‘ Question Time,” Buchanan said on the “Whitehall Sources” podcast.“I’m not talking about main members of the family”

, he specified .

The former adviser added that, finally, Truss and her team were “without excuses”

and the politician had to accept the invitation to the show.”She told me: ‘I don’t care who’s on the panel as long as it’s not X,’ and I’m not going to tell her who X is,” he said.

However, the current British Prime Minister could not help but face the opponent I feared so much a. “We got to the green room and there was the only person, the only person I didn’t want to be on a panel with

,” Buchanan said, saying he didn’t know if the show’s moderators did it “on purpose.”


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