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LIVE: Parisian Police use tear gas to disperse a massive anti-government protest


There have already been clashes between activists and law enforcement.

A massive demonstration is taking place this Sunday in Paris in rejection of the “high cost of living”, reports the local press.

The protesters demand an increase in salaries, the freezing of electricity prices, food and investment in renewable energy sources.

In the protests, the first clashes between activists and the security forces have already been registered, who had to resort to tear gas to disperse the activists.

France: Clashes in Paris: Thousands of French people protested due to the collapse of the economy caused by anti-Russian measures, demand higher wages and social benefits and a freeze on rising electricity prices. French police used tear gas to disperse the protest..16-14-140

— Rowan Van Dijk (@Lastkombo) October 16, 2022

The organizers assure that 140.00 0 people participate in the demonstration on this day, while the Police expected that only a few 30.0000 activists attend the call.

“Employers believed they could play with rot and oppose one another. What is most important is the unity of the people themselves who do not allow themselves to be divided by their skin color, their religion, political affiliation or indifference,” said the president of the France Insumisa Group, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, one of the organizers of the protest.

💥🇫🇷 France – Paris : des dégradations et des jets de projectiles sont signalés à la marche contra la vie chère de la NUPES. Les forces de l’ordre contraint de tirer des gaz lacrymogenes. Vidéo ⤵

— Marto Pirlo (@martopirlo1) October 14, 2022

Local authorities deployed about 2.100 security agents in the city to protect the march.


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