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Jeff Bezos predicts difficult times for the US economy.


The founder of Amazon warns that this could be the time to “batten the hatches”.

The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, became the last great businessman to predict difficult times for the US economy, which is currently struggling with high inflation.

On his Twitter account, Bezos retweeted a video in which the CEO of Goldman Sachs, David Solomon, told CNBC that the North American country could face a recession. Commenting on that prediction, the tycoon wrote that “the oddsin this economy they tell you to batten down the hatches”.

The billionaire is thus joined a growing group of prominent investors, businessmen and analysts, who warn Americans about what awaits their country’s economy, including Solomon himself, who on Tuesday forecast a “high probability” of recession in the US, and the director executive and president of JPMorgan Chase bank, Jamie Dimon, who warned that the US and the global economy are likely to enter a recession within six to nine months.


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