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“It exposes the colonial character of the illegal occupation”: Argentina rejects the city status that the United Kingdom gave to the capital of the Falklands


Santiago Cafiero considered that the determination on Puerto Argentino “exposes the colonial and illegal character of the British occupation”.

The Argentine Foreign Minister, Santiago Cafiero, rejected this Friday the announcement of the United Kingdom to grant the rank of city to Puerto Argentino (Port Stanley), capital of the Malvinas Islands, and considered that the measure, although “it has no effect” on the archipelago, “confirms” that the British crown “does not respect international law”.

“The announcement of the British crown on Puerto Argentino exposes the colonial character of the illegal and illegitimate occupation of our Malvinas Islands”, Cafiero expressed through his Twitter account.

“To be clear: the territory was usurped from Argentina 189 years ago by a military invasion,” recalled the minister, who added: “It is Argentine territory”.

The official also stated that the national State will continue “acting peacefully and diplomatically” in defense of its sovereignty on the Falklands.

Other cities under British rule got royal mention, including Milton Keynes, Colchester and Doncaster in England, Dunfermline in Scotland, Bangor in Northern Ireland and Wrexham in Wales .

However, for the first time in the history of the honorary pageant, which the United Kingdom last held ten years ago, to mark the monarch’s Diamond Jubilee, included cities in overseas territory, such as Port Stanley and a crown dependency such as Dougl as, on the Isle of Man, in the Irish Sea.

Argentina and the United Kingdom maintain a historic dispute over the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands, which was maintained through diplomatic channels after the 1982 war. The claim, which is renewed every year by Buenos Aires, has a constitutional character and was recognized by the General Assembly of the United Nations, an international organization that has ratified the exhortation to both countries to start negotiations to find a peaceful solution and definitive to the conflict.


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